123 HP OfficeJet 4655 printer offline error

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123 HP Deskjet OfficeJet 4655 Printer Offline Error

123 HP Deskjet 4655 Printer offline error in Windows
123 HP Deskjet 4655 Printer offline error in Windows

Fixing your OfficeJet 4655 printer for the offline problem. Examine network connectivity with HP Print and Scan Doctor utilities. Reset the printer and verify the connectivity again if the problem persists. Reconfiguration can recover lost connectivity. Examine the ports, if a connection has not been solved. If you’ve not solved the problem, update your version. You need extra solutions if you use a communication link.

You may also make a manual network connection or add a second Windows printer device. You need extra alternatives if you use a wireless connection. The Windows operating system could either make a custom network connection or add a second printing device. You may also integrate the HP OfficeJet 4655 offline printer with HP Printer Assistance. After you have tried all the previous procedures, your printer has not solved this problem, try the following actions.

Fix 123 HP OfficeJet 4655 printer wireless network connection

  1. Attach a printer apart from the guest or host network, which is called HP OfficeJet 4655.
  2. Try changing the ways of network connectivity. You can switch to wifi and vice versa, if you use a wireless.
  3. As mentioned previously, remove and re-install a printer setup HP OfficeJet 4655.
  4. Uncheck the Device configurations in Windows Internet Control Message Protocol (SNMP). After right-clicking on your name of the HP OfficeJet 4655 printer, choose Printer Model. To deactivate the enabled SNMP status, select Ports tab. Click Configure Port. Only if you use the network connection is this feasible.
  5. If the system does have this form of interaction available, prevent using IPv6. Examine the network or network window for this information in relation the web section for your networking device.
  6. Get closer to the router with the HP OfficeJet 4655, since obstacles between the devices may result in an offline printer.
  7. Link to another computer the HP OfficeJet 4655 Printer. If the new connection succeeds, there are some problems with the machine that you connected before. The printer should be serviced or try to use a different sort of connection when the new connection does not function.
  8. Reload the 4655 printer from HP OfficeJet Disconnect the USB connection and remove your existing printer software. Reboot PC and newly install 123.hp.com or support.hp.com software
  9. You can solve the problem in the HP OfficeJet 4655 printer with the aid of the aforementioned problems. You might require technical support if the problem persists.
  10. HP can provide technical help as many clients all across each town are accessible. The service is offered to all cities. There are also some independent service providers.